BGMemories: Blog en-us [email protected] (BGMemories) Thu, 22 Sep 2022 20:54:00 GMT Thu, 22 Sep 2022 20:54:00 GMT BGMemories: Blog 80 120 Isaac's Phillies Bar Mitzvah I met Isaac's Mom when I was working as a staff photographer at a children's hospital in DE. I was honored when she emailed me to ask if I would photograph her son's Bar Mitzvah. It was a long road to get here but Isaac was outstanding at his bar mitzvah service and he made all his family and friends so proud. We started the day at Rodeph Shalom for some family and Torah photos before the service started. I was able to stay for the service and take photos from the balcony. Later that day, everyone met up at the Phillies stadium where they had a private box. The photos say it all but everyone had such a great time that the Phantic left the field just so he could join in on the party! Mazel Tov Isaac and your entire family.   

A big thank you to Ben Tran for do the amazing photography during the Phillies game. 
Cover_BG3_9242Cover_BG3_9242 Cover_BG3_9247Cover_BG3_9247
Cover_BG3_9208Cover_BG3_9208 Cover_BG3_9213Cover_BG3_9213 Cover_DSC_5295Cover_DSC_5295
Cover_BG3_9282Cover_BG3_9282 Cover_DSC_5599Cover_DSC_5599
Cover_BG3_9002Cover_BG3_9002 Cover_DSC_5181Cover_DSC_5181 Cover_DSC_5103Cover_DSC_5103 Cover_DSC_5119Cover_DSC_5119



Cover_BG3_8869Cover_BG3_8869 Cover_BG3_8879Cover_BG3_8879 Cover_DSC_5470Cover_DSC_5470
Cover_BG3_9336Cover_BG3_9336 Cover_BG3_9352Cover_BG3_9352 Cover_DSC_5786Cover_DSC_5786
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Dahlia's Bat-Mitzvah There is something so wonderful but bittersweet about photographing a family's 3rd and final child. I got to know Beth & Henry's family when their oldest, Sabrina, was a student in my religious school class at Main Line Reform Temple. I knew this was a special family from early on and was so honored when they chose me to photograph Sabrina's Bat Mitzvah. 3 years later I got the call again to photograph Alana's Bat Mitzvah and now, finally in 2022, I just photographed their youngest daughter Dahlia. Families like these are the reason I love to photograph Mitzvahs. Not only is everyone so fun to work with, but they make my job easy. The entire family is always smiling throughout the entire shoots and are always up for fun and stylish photograph ideas. 

Dahlia was ready for her moment to shine from the moment they showed up to the Synagogue portrait session. She had watched her two older sisters go through this before her and knew exactly what to do. The Bima and outdoor portrait session can be a little long and repetitive but this family, especially Dahlia, was excited for every click of my shutter. When we started talking about the Party, I highly encouraged the family to arrive early to Platform 30, so we could do some outdoor photos. I'm so glad they agreed and we got some of the best photos I've taken there (and I've been there many times with many amazing families). Beth worked with Hila Shiff @thepartyartists2014 and Platform 30 to completely rearrange the party room to make it the best layout I've ever seen there. Once the party started, it did not stop until the last song was played. DC and All Around Entertainment had everyone on the dance floor the entire time. Dahlia and all her family and friends, had the best time dancing the night away.


I'm so excited to share with the world the beautiful event that was Dahlia's Bat Mitzvah. Check out a few of the photos below and enjoy reliving this wonderful Simcha.

DSC_3630DSC_3630 BG3_6305BG3_6305

BG3_6328BG3_6328 DSC_3677DSC_3677 DSC_3755DSC_3755 BG3_6465BG3_6465 BG3_6548BG3_6548 BG3_6605BG3_6605 BG3_6624BG3_6624 BG3_6743BG3_6743 BG3_6816BG3_6816 BG3_6867BG3_6867 DSC_3822DSC_3822 DSC_3835DSC_3835 DSC_3859DSC_3859 DSC_3894DSC_3894 DSC_3923DSC_3923 DSC_3930DSC_3930 DSC_3977DSC_3977 DSC_4023DSC_4023 DSC_4080DSC_4080 DSC_4146DSC_4146 BG3_6561BG3_6561
DSC_4178DSC_4178 DSC_4189DSC_4189 DSC_4233DSC_4233 DSC_4318DSC_4318 DSC_4349DSC_4349 DSC_4407DSC_4407 DSC_4415DSC_4415 DSC_4555DSC_4555 DSC_4583DSC_4583 DSC_4623DSC_4623 DSC_4649DSC_4649 DSC_4700DSC_4700 BG3_7002BG3_7002 DSC_4720DSC_4720 DSC_4800DSC_4800 DSC_4816DSC_4816 DSC_4879DSC_4879 DSC_4894DSC_4894 DSC_4912DSC_4912 BG3_7014_smBG3_7014_sm DSC_4181DSC_4181 BG3_7071BG3_7071 BG3_7090BG3_7090 BG3_7044BG3_7044 BG3_7534BG3_7534 BG3_7373BG3_7373 BG3_8538BG3_8538 BG3_8510BG3_8510 BG3_8565BG3_8565 DSC_4316DSC_4316 DSC_4560 (2)DSC_4560 (2) BG3_8516BG3_8516 BG3_8069BG3_8069 BG3_8406BG3_8406 BG3_7014_smBG3_7014_sm BG3_7159BG3_7159

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Shira D's Covid Bat-Mitzvah 01_Shira D_Blog01_Shira D_Blog 02_Shira D_Blog02_Shira D_Blog 03_Shira D_Blog03_Shira D_Blog 04_Shira D_Blog04_Shira D_Blog 05_Shira D_Blog05_Shira D_Blog 06_Shira D_Blog06_Shira D_Blog 07_Shira D_Blog07_Shira D_Blog 08_Shira D_Blog08_Shira D_Blog 09_Shira D_Blog09_Shira D_Blog 10_Shira D_Blog10_Shira D_Blog 11_Shira D_Blog11_Shira D_Blog 12_Shira D_Blog12_Shira D_Blog 13_Shira D_Blog13_Shira D_Blog 14_Shira D_Blog14_Shira D_Blog 15_Shira D_Blog15_Shira D_Blog 16_Shira D_Blog16_Shira D_Blog 17_Shira D_Blog17_Shira D_Blog 18_Shira D_Blog18_Shira D_Blog 19_Shira D_Blog19_Shira D_Blog 20_Shira D_Blog20_Shira D_Blog 21_Shira D_Blog21_Shira D_Blog 22_Shira D_Blog22_Shira D_Blog 23_Shira D_Blog23_Shira D_Blog 24_Shira D_Blog24_Shira D_Blog 25_Shira D_Blog25_Shira D_Blog 26_Shira D_Blog26_Shira D_Blog 27_Shira D_Blog27_Shira D_Blog 28_Shira D_Blog28_Shira D_Blog 29_Shira D_Blog29_Shira D_Blog 30_Shira D_Blog30_Shira D_Blog 31_Shira D_Blog31_Shira D_Blog 32_Shira D_Blog32_Shira D_Blog 33_Shira D_Blog33_Shira D_Blog 34_Shira D_Blog34_Shira D_Blog 35_Shira D_Blog35_Shira D_Blog 36_Shira D_Blog36_Shira D_Blog 37_Shira D_Blog37_Shira D_Blog 38_Shira D_Blog38_Shira D_Blog

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Sadie's Covid Bat-Mitzvah DSC_7700DSC_7700 DSC_7704DSC_7704 BG3_6649BG3_6649 BG3_6656BG3_6656 BG3_6680BG3_6680 DSC_7738DSC_7738 DSC_7744DSC_7744 DSC_7751DSC_7751 DSC_7771DSC_7771 BG3_6695BG3_6695
DSC_7791DSC_7791 DSC_7802DSC_7802 DSC_7831DSC_7831 DSC_7839DSC_7839 DSC_7856DSC_7856 DSC_7870DSC_7870 DSC_7886DSC_7886 DSC_7905DSC_7905 DSC_7909DSC_7909 DSC_7946DSC_7946 DSC_7970DSC_7970 DSC_7993DSC_7993 BG3_6719BG3_6719 BG3_6728BG3_6728 BG3_6739BG3_6739 DSC_8044DSC_8044 BG3_6775BG3_6775 BG3_6786BG3_6786 DSC_8082DSC_8082 BG3_6804BG3_6804 DSC_8135DSC_8135 DSC_8145DSC_8145 BG3_6860BG3_6860 BG3_6852BG3_6852
DSC_8213DSC_8213 DSC_8252DSC_8252 BG3_6878BG3_6878 DSC_8263DSC_8263 DSC_8294DSC_8294 DSC_8332DSC_8332 DSC_8392DSC_8392
DSC_8428DSC_8428 BG3_6907BG3_6907 BG3_6922BG3_6922 BG3_6923BG3_6923 BG3_6937BG3_6937 BG3_6943BG3_6943 BG3_6948BG3_6948 BG3_6955BG3_6955 BG3_6979BG3_6979
BG3_6959BG3_6959 BG3_6909BG3_6909

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Cooper's Bar-Mitzvah 003_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue003_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 011_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue011_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 029_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue029_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 047_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue047_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 060_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue060_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 074_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue074_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 085_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue085_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 099_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue099_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 106_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue106_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 121_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue121_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 127_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue127_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 138_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue138_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 145_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue145_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 148_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue148_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 159_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue159_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 173_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue173_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 180_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue180_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 198_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue198_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 200_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue200_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 203_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue203_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 211_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue211_Cooper L Mitzvah_Inside Synagogue 229_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue229_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue 243_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue243_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue 245_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue245_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue 246_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue246_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue 258_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue258_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue 267_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue267_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue 272_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue272_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue 277_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue277_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue 288_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue288_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue 294_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue294_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue 300_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue300_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue 308_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue308_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue 317_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue317_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue 320_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue320_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue 327_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue327_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue 340_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue340_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue 341_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue341_Cooper L Mitzvah_Outside Synagogue

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Melissa & Michael's Water Works Wedding I've known Melissa for a very long time through family friends and JRA. Apperently, I've known Michael in college. While taking a photo at the wedding of his college fraturnity friends, it became clear that it was the same time I was there and my chapter helped formed his chapter and we used to hang with them very often, small world! We started the day in the bridal sweet at the Water Works, Philadelphia. It was a beautiful day and the sunlight we were getting in was amazing. Melissa's daughters were running around, fixing their makeup and helping getting the room ready. In the Jewish religion, women come to meet the bride and get a blessing before the ceremony happens. While this is happening, the men are praying and signing the Kittubah (marraige agreement). This is a very special and important time for both the bride and groom and their guests. Once this time period is over, the ceremony begins. It was a beautiful ceremony with so many friends and family helping with different parts of the ceremony.

After the ceremony ended, I took the Bride, Groom, their children, and immeditate family out to the Gazebo/Pier overlooking Boat House Row.  The sun was shining bright but the city looked amazing in the background. The time we spent with just Michael, Melissa their kids was so much fun and the walk back was so full of laughter and joy.

Back at the reception, the party began and was a huge simcha! The energy was amazing and the live music fanatic. So amazing to see how much fun everyone was having dancing for hours! Near the end of the party, Michael had Melissa sit in the middle of the dance floor and sing to her. It was a beautiful moment and amazing that Michael put himself out here to do in front of everyone.  The wedding ended with a fantastic coffee and dessert bar. This party was a beautiful simcha from start to finish and I wish Melissa, Michael and their entire family Mazel tov! 01_BG3_696601_BG3_6966 02_DSC_295202_DSC_2952 03_BG3_697403_BG3_6974 04_BG3_698404_BG3_6984 05_BG3_699105_BG3_6991 06_BWP_894806_BWP_8948 07_BWP_895807_BWP_8958 07_BWP_896107_BWP_8961 08_BWP_897408_BWP_8974 09_BG3_700709_BG3_7007 10_BG3_690010_BG3_6900 11_BG3_692111_BG3_6921 12_BG3_694912_BG3_6949 13_BG3_695713_BG3_6957 14_BG3_703214_BG3_7032 15_BG3_705215_BG3_7052 16_BG3_707316_BG3_7073 17_BG3_708017_BG3_7080 18_BG3_711818_BG3_7118 19_BG3_716219_BG3_7162 20_BG3_716520_BG3_7165 21_BG3_717221_BG3_7172 22_BG3_720022_BG3_7200 23_BG3_721223_BG3_7212 24_BG3_724824_BG3_7248 25_BG3_726225_BG3_7262 26_BG3_733426_BG3_7334 27_BG3_733727_BG3_7337 28_BWP_898828_BWP_8988 29_BWP_899929_BWP_8999 30_BWP_902330_BWP_9023 31_BG3_735431_BG3_7354 32_BG3_736632_BG3_7366 33_BG3_737133_BG3_7371 34_BG3_737934_BG3_7379 35_BG3_738235_BG3_7382 36_BWP_897636_BWP_8976 37_BWP_8998 (2)37_BWP_8998 (2) 38_DSC_300138_DSC_3001 39_BG3_742039_BG3_7420 40_DSC_302340_DSC_3023 41_BG3_744041_BG3_7440 42_DSC_303942_DSC_3039 43_BG3_747343_BG3_7473 44_BWP_9303 (2)44_BWP_9303 (2) 45_DSC_312945_DSC_3129 46_BG3_761646_BG3_7616 47_BG3_764747_BG3_7647 48_BG3_765448_BG3_7654 49_BG3_765749_BG3_7657 50_BG3_767250_BG3_7672 51_BG3_767951_BG3_7679 52_BG3_786652_BG3_7866 53_BG3_788253_BG3_7882 54_BG3_789954_BG3_7899 55_BG3_792855_BG3_7928 56_BG3_794056_BG3_7940 57_DSC_325757_DSC_3257 58_DSC_330158_DSC_3301 59_DSC_332659_DSC_3326 60_DSC_333360_DSC_3333 61_DSC_337261_DSC_3372 62_BG3_739662_BG3_7396 63_BG3_740563_BG3_7405 64_BG3_755964_BG3_7559 65_BWP_9384 (2)65_BWP_9384 (2) 66_BWP_9397 (2)66_BWP_9397 (2) 67_BWP_9406 (2)67_BWP_9406 (2) 68_DSC_390568_DSC_3905 69_BWP_939669_BWP_9396 70_DSC_349670_DSC_3496 71_DSC_349971_DSC_3499 72_BWP_944972_BWP_9449 73_DSC_365773_DSC_3657 74_DSC_370974_DSC_3709 75_BWP_9596 (2)75_BWP_9596 (2) 76_DSC_383776_DSC_3837 77_DSC_394677_DSC_3946 78_DSC_384978_DSC_3849 79_DSC_400379_DSC_4003

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Michal's Bat-Mitzvah I knew that Michal was a special person when I met her at her sister, Molly's, Bat-Mitzvah. Two and a half years later, Michal gets her turn in the spotlight and took full advantage of it. The moment her family showed up at Beth Sholom Congregation in Elkins Park, there was an incredible energy.  I always feel lucky to photograph at this Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece. The structure is nothing like any other synagogue I have ever been. Unfortunately, it was raining at the time of the photo-shoot and couldn't go outside, but the family and I found some of the spaces to use as backgrounds.

The party took place at Beat Street in Huntington Valley, a unique venue with many cool colors, lighting, and graffiti. It was a beautiful (albeit a little cold) day and we took a ton of photos both outside and inside the venue. Michal was a star gave her attention to everyone there. This is a very impressive trait for someone her age and the loved showed by all her family and friends proves it.

Once the guests arrived and the party started, there was no stopping them! From the cocktail hour through candle lighting, the hora and the dance party itself, this was a party that truly rocked. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to capture this family's special moment. A huge Mazel Tov to Michal and her entire family!


01_BG3_408201_BG3_4082 02_BG3_427002_BG3_4270 03_BG3_422303_BG3_4223 04_DSC_243604_DSC_2436 05_BG3_410305_BG3_4103 06_DSC_249506_DSC_2495 07_DSC_251107_DSC_2511 08_DSC_255308_DSC_2553 09_BG3_417209_BG3_4172 10_BG3_431010_BG3_4310   12_BG3_434712_BG3_4347 13_BG3_439913_BG3_4399 14_BG3_441314_BG3_4413 15_BG3_444215_BG3_4442 16_BG3_460416_BG3_4604 18_BG3_465718_BG3_4657 19_BG3_471419_BG3_4714 20_BG3_476020_BG3_4760 21_BG3_498921_BG3_4989 22_BG3_500722_BG3_5007 23_DSC_258523_DSC_2585 24_DSC_259324_DSC_2593 25_DSC_263125_DSC_2631 26_DSC_269026_DSC_2690 27_DSC_271227_DSC_2712 28_DSC_273828_DSC_2738 29_DSC_275629_DSC_2756 30_BG3_502330_BG3_5023 30_BG3_510730_BG3_5107 31_BG3_511531_BG3_5115   33_DSC_281733_DSC_2817 34_BG3_515234_BG3_5152 35_BG3_515835_BG3_5158 36_BG3_517336_BG3_5173 37_BG3_521037_BG3_5210 38_BG3_525538_BG3_5255 39_BG3_526139_BG3_5261 40_BG3_526640_BG3_5266 41_BG3_527541_BG3_5275 42_BG3_529442_BG3_5294 43_BG3_532143_BG3_5321 44_BG3_533744_BG3_5337 45_BG3_540645_BG3_5406 46_BG3_542246_BG3_5422 47_DSC_192647_DSC_1926 48_BG3_564348_BG3_5643 49_DSC_193449_DSC_1934 50_BG3_561450_BG3_5614 51_BG3_563251_BG3_5632 52_BG3_564052_BG3_5640 53_BG3_610453_BG3_6104 54_BG3_622554_BG3_6225 55_BG3_628555_BG3_6285 56_BG2_725656_BG2_7256 57_BG2_728757_BG2_7287 58_BG2_748658_BG2_7486 59_BG3_585059_BG3_5850 60_BG3_588960_BG3_5889 61_BG3_593261_BG3_5932 62_BG3_594762_BG3_5947 63_BG3_597363_BG3_5973 64_BG2_757064_BG2_7570 65_BG2_759065_BG2_7590 66_BG3_629566_BG3_6295 67_BG3_631367_BG3_6313 68_BG3_634368_BG3_6343 69_BG3_635969_BG3_6359 70_BG3_646770_BG3_6467 71_BG3_649571_BG3_6495 72_BG3_663072_BG3_6630 73_DSC_206673_DSC_2066 74_BG3_672574_BG3_6725 75_DSC_207275_DSC_2072 77_BG3_677977_BG3_6779

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Matt's Phillies Mitzvah Celebration I have had the privilege of photographing this family from 1st to 3rd sibling.  When it was finally time to capture Matt's Bar-Mitzvah, I couldn't believe how grown up they all have become - though Mom and Dad looked exactly the same :) Matt wasn't even 5 years old the first time I met him and now he is a young man. It was so great to see the family and grandparents again at the synagogue portraits. Everyone was excited to be together for the Torah portraits at Tiferet Bet Israel. The party took place at Citizens Bank Park, which we got to use as our own personal playground for photos. The rest of the night flew by and the energy from the kids to adults was electric. From the unique Philadelphia themed cake to the Phillie Phanatic showing up, this event was extra special. A huge mazel tov to Matt and his family for this wonderful simcha. As a special treat, I have included a photo of the family from the first Bat-Mitzvah I photographed for them. Enjoy!    


003_BG3_2385003_BG3_2385   007_DSC_0515007_DSC_0515 008_BG3_2434008_BG3_2434 009_DSC_0535009_DSC_0535 010_DSC_0560010_DSC_0560 012_BG3_2528012_BG3_2528 015_DSC_0643015_DSC_0643 016_BG3_2683016_BG3_2683 017_BG3_2710017_BG3_2710 018_BG3_2840018_BG3_2840 019_BG3_2859019_BG3_2859 020_BG3_2877020_BG3_2877 021_BG3_2919021_BG3_2919 022_BG3_2971022_BG3_2971 024_BG3_3028024_BG3_3028 025_BG3_3045025_BG3_3045 027_BG3_3089027_BG3_3089 029_BG3_3117029_BG3_3117 030_BG3_3172030_BG3_3172 031_BG3_3182031_BG3_3182 032_BG3_3238032_BG3_3238 033_BG3_3287033_BG3_3287 034_BG3_3304034_BG3_3304 036_BG3_3340036_BG3_3340 037_BG3_3365037_BG3_3365 039_DSC_0755039_DSC_0755 040_BWP_4279040_BWP_4279 042_BWP_4341 (2)042_BWP_4341 (2) 043_BWP_4300043_BWP_4300 044_BWP_4312044_BWP_4312 045_BWP_4361 (2)045_BWP_4361 (2) 046_BWP_4339046_BWP_4339 047_BWP_4362047_BWP_4362 049_BWP_4386049_BWP_4386 050_BWP_4400050_BWP_4400 051_BWP_4379 (2)051_BWP_4379 (2) 052_BWP_4462052_BWP_4462 054_BWP_4414 (2)054_BWP_4414 (2) 055_BWP_4503055_BWP_4503 057_BWP_4428 (2)057_BWP_4428 (2) 058_BWP_4447 (2)058_BWP_4447 (2) 059_BWP_4492 (2)059_BWP_4492 (2) 060_BWP_4512 (2)060_BWP_4512 (2) 063_SLP_5112063_SLP_5112 064_BWP_4583064_BWP_4583 065_BWP_4586065_BWP_4586 066_BWP_4592066_BWP_4592 067_BWP_4534 (2)067_BWP_4534 (2) 068_BWP_4613068_BWP_4613 069_BWP_4628069_BWP_4628 070_BWP_4652070_BWP_4652 072_SLP_5280072_SLP_5280 074_BWP_4925074_BWP_4925 075_SLP_5423075_SLP_5423 076_BWP_4659 (2)076_BWP_4659 (2) 077_BWP_5045077_BWP_5045 078_BWP_5063078_BWP_5063 079_BWP_4703 (2)079_BWP_4703 (2) 080_BWP_4712 (2)080_BWP_4712 (2) 081_BWP_4727 (2)081_BWP_4727 (2) 082_BWP_5128082_BWP_5128 083_BWP_5191083_BWP_5191 084_BWP_5218084_BWP_5218 085_BWP_5244085_BWP_5244 086_BWP_5261086_BWP_5261 087_BWP_4772 (2)087_BWP_4772 (2) 088_SLP_5755088_SLP_5755 089_SLP_5767089_SLP_5767 090_BWP_5520090_BWP_5520 091_BWP_4829091_BWP_4829 093_BWP_5555093_BWP_5555 095_BWP_4998 (2)095_BWP_4998 (2) 096_BWP_5029 (2)096_BWP_5029 (2) 098_BWP_5722098_BWP_5722 100_BWP_5970100_BWP_5970 097_BWP_5562097_BWP_5562
099_BWP_5962099_BWP_5962 Lizzie C - Portraits 0251Lizzie C - Portraits 0251BGP7000

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Leah's Bat-Mitzvah A little less then 3 years ago, I photographed Leah's sister Rachel for her Bat-Mitzvah. Leah was this little girl who loved her sister but also loved to tease her during the photo session. It is now a few years later and and I was asked back to photograph Leah. Leah has matured into a wonderful young woman. She still likes to annoy her sister but it's all in fun and you can see how strong the love is between then. Their parents have raised two fantastic young women who are going to do great things with their lives.

Leah had a beautiful day for her Bat-Mitzvah. The sun was shining bright and the weather was perfect. I heard that Leah did an amazing job at her Bat-Mitzvah ceremony. The party was so much fun and everyone was smiling the entire time. Leah had so many friends there and I don't think even the MC's and dancers could even keep up with their energy. From start to finish this family had it going on. Mazel tov to Leah and her entire family!

001_BG3_1129001_BG3_1129 002_BG3_1234002_BG3_1234 003_DSC_9626003_DSC_9626 004_BG3_1252004_BG3_1252 005_BG3_1093005_BG3_1093 006_DSC_9612006_DSC_9612 007_BG3_1171007_BG3_1171 008_DSC_9665008_DSC_9665 009_DSC_9717009_DSC_9717 010_DSC_9726010_DSC_9726 011_DSC_9786011_DSC_9786 012_DSC_9831012_DSC_9831 013_DSC_9873013_DSC_9873 014_DSC_9849014_DSC_9849 015_BG3_1415015_BG3_1415 016_DSC_9987016_DSC_9987 017_DSC_0028017_DSC_0028 018_DSC_9955018_DSC_9955 019_DSC_0065019_DSC_0065 020_DSC_0137020_DSC_0137 021_DSC_7516021_DSC_7516 022_DSC_7500022_DSC_7500 023_DSC_7672023_DSC_7672 024_DSC_7682024_DSC_7682 025_DSC_7666025_DSC_7666 026_DSC_7592026_DSC_7592 027_DSC_7520027_DSC_7520 028_DSC_7555028_DSC_7555 029_DSC_7564029_DSC_7564 030_DSC_7535030_DSC_7535 031_DSC_7590031_DSC_7590 032_DSC_7707032_DSC_7707 033_DSC_7738033_DSC_7738 034_DSC_7637034_DSC_7637 035_DSC_7621035_DSC_7621 036_BG3_5605036_BG3_5605 037_BG3_5690037_BG3_5690 038_BG3_5576038_BG3_5576 039_BG3_5710039_BG3_5710 040_BG3_5729040_BG3_5729 041_BG3_5785041_BG3_5785 042_BG3_5808042_BG3_5808 043_BG3_5820043_BG3_5820 044_BG3_5834044_BG3_5834 045_BG3_5883045_BG3_5883 046_BG3_5901046_BG3_5901 047_BG3_5929047_BG3_5929 048_BG3_5966048_BG3_5966 049_BG3_6059049_BG3_6059 49_BG3_617049_BG3_6170 49_BG3_618049_BG3_6180 050_BG3_5520050_BG3_5520 051_BG3_5530051_BG3_5530 052_BG3_5546052_BG3_5546 053_BG3_5696053_BG3_5696 53_BG3_608853_BG3_6088 054_BG3_6241054_BG3_6241 055_BG3_6277055_BG3_6277 056_BG3_6341056_BG3_6341 057_BG3_6348057_BG3_6348 058_BG3_6337058_BG3_6337 059_BG3_6350059_BG3_6350 060_BG3_6380060_BG3_6380 061_BG3_6415061_BG3_6415 062_BG3_6419062_BG3_6419 063_BG3_6455063_BG3_6455 064_BG3_6447064_BG3_6447 065_BG3_6472065_BG3_6472 066_BG3_6461066_BG3_6461

[email protected] (BGMemories) 13 2019 birthday Celebration events Family jewish Main Line Mazel mitzvah Philadelphia synagogue Torah Thu, 27 Feb 2020 21:56:28 GMT
Zach and Rachael's Phillies B'Nai Mitzvah Zach and Rachael and not your typical B'nai Mitzvah. They are not twins, but an older brother and younger sister who decided to have a shared Mitzvah ceremony and party. These siblings are so close that they felt it would be more fun to do it together as a team. In the Jewish religion, girls are allowed to have their Bat-Mitzvah at 12, this made everything work out. Rachael and Zach were great together - sure, they have "moments" like most siblings do, but the love and care they have for each other was fully on display for the entire day. The Bima shoot that morning went smoothly with both children supporting one another. You could see how ready and eager they were to share everything they have studied and learned, with their family and friends.

Later that day, we met up a Citizen Bank Park (Phillies Stadium) for the party. The immediate family showed up early, sp we got a chance to take pictures all around the park. It was a bit cold out that day but it didn't stop us from shooting some awesome photos! We had so much fun taking them that we were almost late to the actual party! Everyone was dancing and celebrating the entire night including Zach and Rachael's 101 year old great-grandmother (I actually think she partied the most, ha!). This party went to the next level when the Philly Phanatic showed up and joined right in. We all had such a great time celebrating this joyous occasion. Thank you, Jamie and Jennifer, for allowing me to capture this extra special day - I hope everyone enjoys this small visual recap. Mazel Tov Rachael & Zach!

01_DSC_694401_DSC_6944 02_BG3_225302_BG3_2253 03_DSC_694603_DSC_6946 04_DSC_695304_DSC_6953 BG3_2248BG3_2248 05_DSC_697505_DSC_6975 07_DSC_698107_DSC_6981 08_BG3_232908_BG3_2329 09_DSC_705309_DSC_7053 10_BG3_239510_BG3_2395 11_DSC_713411_DSC_7134 12_BG3_245912_BG3_2459 13_DSC_721113_DSC_7211 14_DSC_724814_DSC_7248 15_BG3_251615_BG3_2516 16_BG3_252416_BG3_2524 17_BG3_253917_BG3_2539 18_BG3_254218_BG3_2542 19_BG3_254619_BG3_2546 20_BG3_255520_BG3_2555 21_BG3_255621_BG3_2556 22_BG3_257122_BG3_2571 23_BG3_258223_BG3_2582 24_BG3_262224_BG3_2622 25_BG3_264425_BG3_2644 26_BG3_266026_BG3_2660 27_BG3_268727_BG3_2687 28_BG3_271428_BG3_2714 29_BG3_273629_BG3_2736 30_BG3_275630_BG3_2756 31_BG3_278631_BG3_2786 32_BG3_279632_BG3_2796 34_BG3_282934_BG3_2829 35_BG3_284235_BG3_2842 36_BG3_286836_BG3_2868 37_BG3_291837_BG3_2918 38_BG3_295538_BG3_2955 39_BG3_305239_BG3_3052 40_BG3_305940_BG3_3059 41_BG3_309541_BG3_3095 42_BG3_313942_BG3_3139 43_BG3_317343_BG3_3173 44_BG3_318144_BG3_3181 45_BG3_325345_BG3_3253 47_BG3_340447_BG3_3404 48_BG3_352848_BG3_3528 49_BG3_364149_BG3_3641 51_BG3_366651_BG3_3666 52_BG3_367652_BG3_3676 53_BG3_374753_BG3_3747 54_DZ2_898154_DZ2_8981 55_BG3_375455_BG3_3754 56_BG3_375856_BG3_3758 57_BG3_380257_BG3_3802 58_DZ1_965658_DZ1_9656 59_DZ2_904059_DZ2_9040 60_DZ1_967360_DZ1_9673 61_DZ2_906061_DZ2_9060 62_DZ2_906262_DZ2_9062 63_DSC_733063_DSC_7330 64_DSC_734964_DSC_7349 65_BG3_390365_BG3_3903 66_BG3_392666_BG3_3926 67_BG3_395067_BG3_3950 68_BG3_400568_BG3_4005 69_BG3_402369_BG3_4023 70_BG3_421470_BG3_4214 71_DZ1_982771_DZ1_9827 72_BG3_423772_BG3_4237 73_BG3_432773_BG3_4327 74_BG3_442874_BG3_4428 75_BG3_443975_BG3_4439 76_BG3_444576_BG3_4445 77_BG3_451777_BG3_4517 78_BG3_471378_BG3_4713 79_BG3_473679_BG3_4736 80_BG3_476480_BG3_4764 81_BG3_478181_BG3_4781 82_BG3_478382_BG3_4783 83_BG3_485583_BG3_4855 84_BG3_498684_BG3_4986 85_BG3_501685_BG3_5016 86_BG3_502886_BG3_5028

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Josh C's Eagles Bar-Mitzvah

 Josh is the true definition of a Philadelphia Eagles fan. This young man decorated his entire Mitzvah in green with full Eagles decor, and about one month before the Bar-Mitzvah, Josh, his siblings, his Mom and I were lucky enough to spend time touring around the entire Lincoln Financial Field Stadium. It was a few days before a big game and we had full access to pretty much anywhere (as long as we didn’t step on the paint on the field!) How often to get you to play catch on a professional NFL field, hang in the locker room, check out the Super Bowl Trophy, and run out to the Eagles game start introduction?! Even with all of this, Josh and his family did not take lightly the amazing event that was his Bar-Mitzvah. I also had a lot of fun photographing the Bima/Synagogue photo shoot - the Chalal's definitely know how to have a great time and made my job seem easy! I hope you can see all of their love and joy shining through these photos. Check out the sneakers on Josh and his siblings and witness the liveliness of the party. Both kids and adults knew how to have a great time and kept the energy going from beginning to end. I absolutely adore this entire family and was honored that they  chose me to capture this joyous occasion in their lives.. Mazel Tov to Josh and his entire family.

01_DSC_461901_DSC_4619 02_DSC_461502_DSC_4615 03_DSC_462303_DSC_4623 04_DSC_465804_DSC_4658 05_BG3_167205_BG3_1672 06_DSC_478006_DSC_4780 07_DSC_491707_DSC_4917 08_DSC_492608_DSC_4926 09_BG3_185109_BG3_1851 10_DSC_501210_DSC_5012 11_DSC_502011_DSC_5020 12_BG3_189112_BG3_1891 13_DSC_504013_DSC_5040 14_BG3_191114_BG3_1911 15_BG3_192815_BG3_1928 16_BG3_195416_BG3_1954 17_081_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-19_117_081_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-19_1 18_104_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-1918_104_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-19 18_104_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-19_118_104_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-19_1 19_122_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-1919_122_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-19 20_164_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-1920_164_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-19 21_180_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-1921_180_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-19   22_197_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-1922_197_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-19   23_206_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-1923_206_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-19 24_214_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-1924_214_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-19 25_248_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-1925_248_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-19   26_254_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-1926_254_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-19 27_261_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-19_127_261_Josh C Mitzvah_LFF_11-9-19_1    29_AVI_462629_AVI_4626 30_AVI_497830_AVI_4978 31_AVI_497931_AVI_4979 32_AVI_499432_AVI_4994 33_AVI_500433_AVI_5004 34_AVI_501334_AVI_5013 35_DSC_504935_DSC_5049 36_BG3_199136_BG3_1991 37_DSC_510837_DSC_5108 38_DSC_512438_DSC_5124 39_DSC_516139_DSC_5161 40_DSC_549040_DSC_5490 41_DSC_550341_DSC_5503 42_AVI_475442_AVI_4754 43_AVI_508443_AVI_5084 44_DSC_586444_DSC_5864 45_AVI_505445_AVI_5054 46_AVI_526946_AVI_5269 47_AVI_529247_AVI_5292 48_AVI_530148_AVI_5301 49_AVI_531849_AVI_5318 50_DSC_614850_DSC_6148 51_AVI_518051_AVI_5180 52_DSC_586952_DSC_5869 53_DSC_630053_DSC_6300 54_AVI_491254_AVI_4912 55_DSC_640755_DSC_6407 56_DSC_654256_DSC_6542 57_DSC_671457_DSC_6714 58_DSC_681558_DSC_6815 59_DSC_685359_DSC_6853


DJ: All Around Entertainment with MC Showtime

Party Planning: The Party Artisit with Hila Shiff

Photo-booth: Brad Gellman Photography and Video

2nd Photographer: David Yanishevsky

Pre-Shoot: Lincoln Financial Field -- Synagogue: Har Zion Temple in Penn Valley, PA -- Party: Philadelphia Marriott West


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Dean's Dave & Busters Bar-Mitzvah Dean is awesome! From the moment I met him until the time I left the party, this kid never stopped smiling! He was always game for taking fun photos and I couldn't stop him from jumping (see below). His family is pretty terrific too. Irene and Marc were very easy going and took some suggestions from me on their party. It seems that Dean did not want a "dance" party but still wanted him and all his friends to have a great time. I suggested D&B as I've photographed there multiple times and you get a private room for dinner and all the formalities but also have the run of the entire game room. This was exactly what they wanted. The immediate family and some family friends had a fantastic lunch at the Hotel Fiesole and then all the kids met up at Dave and Busters that evening for an exciting party. This was the perfect fit to this family. Thank you "R" family for allowing me to be a part of your day and trusting me in all the ways that you did. Mazel Tov Dean!  
BG3_8106BG3_8106 BG3_8336BG3_8336 BG3_8409BG3_8409 BG3_8463BG3_8463 BG3_8570BG3_8570 BG3_8601BG3_8601 BG3_8628BG3_8628 BG3_8639BG3_8639 BG3_8659BG3_8659 BG3_8699BG3_8699 BG3_8738BG3_8738 BG3_8776BG3_8776 DSC_2586DSC_2586 DSC_4096DSC_4096 DSC_4128DSC_4128 DSC_4218DSC_4218 DSC_4234DSC_4234 DSC_4243DSC_4243 DSC_4254DSC_4254 DSC_4288DSC_4288 DSC_4313DSC_4313 DSC_4362DSC_4362 DSC_4404DSC_4404 DSC_4467DSC_4467 DSC_4546DSC_4546 DSC_4575DSC_4575

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Elana's Bat-Mitzvah There is something so special about photographing a Bat(or Bar)-Mitzvah where I had mine. The Beth Shalom Synagogue in Elkins Park, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is a beautiful building that is now an historic landmark. The other cool thing is that the party was in the same place mine was. The music and outfits might've changed but the celebration and love does not! Elana and her family were so much fun, easy going and let me help them create these memories to last a life time. The amazing Blonnie Brooks photographed the reception and she told me this party did not stop! Everyone danced the entire night away! This was a very special night, in a very special place, with very special people! Enjoy!  

Reception Photography by: Blonnie Brooks
Design/Party Plannie: Arielle Davis
Music: MC Ava with


01_BG3_724701_BG3_7247 02_BG3_700202_BG3_7002 03_BG3_693603_BG3_6936 04_BG3_721804_BG3_7218 05_BG3_690605_BG3_6906 06_BG3_734906_BG3_7349 07_BG3_737007_BG3_7370 08_BG3_740208_BG3_7402 09_BG3_765509_BG3_7655 10_BG3_770110_BG3_7701 11_BG3_774311_BG3_7743 12_BG3_779012_BG3_7790 13_BG3_780813_BG3_7808 14_DSC_239914_DSC_2399 15_DSC_243915_DSC_2439 16_20191026_BBA_2047_ElanaMitzvah16_20191026_BBA_2047_ElanaMitzvah 17_20191026_BBA_2069_ElanaMitzvah17_20191026_BBA_2069_ElanaMitzvah 18_20191026_BBA_2303_ElanaMitzvah18_20191026_BBA_2303_ElanaMitzvah 19_20191026_BBA_2104_ElanaMitzvah19_20191026_BBA_2104_ElanaMitzvah 20_20191026_BBA_2119_ElanaMitzvah20_20191026_BBA_2119_ElanaMitzvah 21_20191026_BBA_2123_ElanaMitzvah21_20191026_BBA_2123_ElanaMitzvah 22_20191026_BBA_2088_ElanaMitzvah22_20191026_BBA_2088_ElanaMitzvah 23_20191026_BBA_2149_ElanaMitzvah23_20191026_BBA_2149_ElanaMitzvah 24_20191026_BBA_2152_ElanaMitzvah24_20191026_BBA_2152_ElanaMitzvah 25_20191026_BBA_2211_ElanaMitzvah25_20191026_BBA_2211_ElanaMitzvah 26_20191026_BBA_2290_ElanaMitzvah26_20191026_BBA_2290_ElanaMitzvah 27_20191026_BBA_2407_ElanaMitzvah27_20191026_BBA_2407_ElanaMitzvah 28_20191026_BBA_2357_ElanaMitzvah28_20191026_BBA_2357_ElanaMitzvah 29_20191026_BBA_2791_ElanaMitzvah29_20191026_BBA_2791_ElanaMitzvah 30_20191026_BBA_2829_ElanaMitzvah30_20191026_BBA_2829_ElanaMitzvah 31_20191026_BBA_2845_ElanaMitzvah31_20191026_BBA_2845_ElanaMitzvah 32_20191026_BBA_2926_ElanaMitzvah32_20191026_BBA_2926_ElanaMitzvah 33_20191026_BBA_2966_ElanaMitzvah33_20191026_BBA_2966_ElanaMitzvah 34_20191026_BBB_2189_ElanaMitzvah34_20191026_BBB_2189_ElanaMitzvah 35_20191026_BBB_2212_ElanaMitzvah35_20191026_BBB_2212_ElanaMitzvah 36_20191026_BBA_3333_ElanaMitzvah36_20191026_BBA_3333_ElanaMitzvah 37_20191026_BBA_3355_ElanaMitzvah37_20191026_BBA_3355_ElanaMitzvah 38_20191026_BBA_3547_ElanaMitzvah38_20191026_BBA_3547_ElanaMitzvah 39_20191026_BBA_3590_ElanaMitzvah39_20191026_BBA_3590_ElanaMitzvah 40_20191026_BBA_3732_ElanaMitzvah40_20191026_BBA_3732_ElanaMitzvah 41_20191026_BBA_3972_ElanaMitzvah41_20191026_BBA_3972_ElanaMitzvah 42_20191026_BBA_3778_ElanaMitzvah42_20191026_BBA_3778_ElanaMitzvah

[email protected] (BGMemories) 2019 Beth Shalom Events Family jewish Mazel mitzvah Philadelphia Torah Wed, 04 Dec 2019 21:42:19 GMT
Mia's Bat-Mitzvah There is something bittersweet when I photograph a family's last Mitzvah. It is great getting to know families during such an important time of their lives, but it's also a little sad when the day is over. I love that this family does not do the "typical" thing for their Mitzvahs. For the previous one, Logan and his family had the party at an overnight camp with a ropes course, basketball, gaga and much more! This time for Mia's Bat Mitzvah, they had an entire room dedicated to bounce houses - and even a mechanical bull! Everyone went on, including Mia, Logan, parents, and even grandpa. While guests enjoyed the rides, the kids and adults danced the night away. This was such a fun party from start to finish and I know that this whole family is going to remember it for years to come. Enjoy these photos and think of why you didn't have a mechanical bull at your last party?!    

BG3_0054BG3_0054 BG3_0929BG3_0929
DSC_2605DSC_2605 BG3_8951BG3_8951 BG3_8964BG3_8964 BG3_9073BG3_9073 BG3_9166BG3_9166 BG3_9193BG3_9193 BG3_9401BG3_9401 BG3_9425BG3_9425   BG3_9474BG3_9474 BG3_9536BG3_9536 BG3_9650BG3_9650 BG3_9598BG3_9598 BG3_9681BG3_9681
BG3_9780BG3_9780 DSC_2639DSC_2639
BG3_9834BG3_9834 BG3_0028BG3_0028 BG3_0078BG3_0078
DSC_2701DSC_2701 DSC_2711DSC_2711 DSC_2766DSC_2766 DSC_2874DSC_2874 DSC_2936DSC_2936 BG3_0138BG3_0138 BG3_0159BG3_0159 BG3_0185BG3_0185 BG3_0197BG3_0197 BG3_0377BG3_0377 BG3_0107BG3_0107 BG3_0287BG3_0287

BG3_0299BG3_0299 BG3_0871BG3_0871

BG3_0854BG3_0854 BG3_0894BG3_0894 BG3_1267BG3_1267 BG3_0422BG3_0422 BG3_0449BG3_0449 BG3_0494BG3_0494 BG3_0565BG3_0565 BG3_0608BG3_0608 BG3_0624BG3_0624 BG3_0638BG3_0638 BG3_1040BG3_1040 BG3_1072BG3_1072 BG3_1110BG3_1110 BG3_1451BG3_1451 BG3_0466BG3_0466 BG3_0394BG3_0394

BG3_1117BG3_1117 BG3_1322BG3_1322

BG3_1371BG3_1371 BG3_1374BG3_1374 BG3_1305BG3_1305 BG3_1480BG3_1480


[email protected] (BGMemories) Wed, 27 Nov 2019 17:09:37 GMT
Alex's Bar-Mitzvah From the moment I saw Alex and his family for the Synagogue portraits, I knew it was going to be a great event. I loved the suit and tie that Alex wore and was impressed with how well Dad matched (I have a feeling a lot of that goes to Jennifer!:) We were lucky to have perfect weather for both the portrait session and the party day and were even able to use the changing colors of the trees to make the family stand out. The reception itself was intimate yet so full of love, and all of their happiness shines through in the photos. The Siegel's are a great family and it was my absolute pleasure to photograph Alex's Bar-Mitzvah!  


Location: Main Line Reform Temple


Party Planning/Design: 

DJ: Hot Hot Hot 


01_DSC_086601_DSC_0866 02_DSC_105802_DSC_1058 03_DSC_091303_DSC_0913 04_DSC_097704_DSC_0977 06_BG3_458906_BG3_4589 07_BG3_459707_BG3_4597 08_BG3_464408_BG3_4644 09_DSC_118709_DSC_1187 10_DSC_119910_DSC_1199 11_DSC_122811_DSC_1228 12_DSC_132612_DSC_1326 13_DSC_136713_DSC_1367 14_BG3_483514_BG3_4835 15_DSC_171115_DSC_1711 16_DSC_140816_DSC_1408 17_DSC_142017_DSC_1420 18_BG3_504418_BG3_5044 19_BG3_514419_BG3_5144 20_BG3_515620_BG3_5156 21_DSC_151821_DSC_1518 22_DSC_162022_DSC_1620 23_BG3_533123_BG3_5331 24_BG3_536624_BG3_5366 25_BG3_540525_BG3_5405 26_BG3_541426_BG3_5414 27_BG3_545427_BG3_5454 28_BG3_555828_BG3_5558 29_BG3_566329_BG3_5663 30_BG3_560430_BG3_5604 31_BG3_561931_BG3_5619

[email protected] (BGMemories) Thu, 14 Nov 2019 18:50:18 GMT
Ella's Beach Bat-Mitzvah I've been photographing events like Ella's for over 15 years now and I'm finally at the point where my friends from high school and college are having Mitzvah age kids (what!? how did that happen?!). Joy and I went to high school together and now her first child is having her Bat-Mitzvah. It's such an honor when someone you know for that long trusts you to capture her first child's most important day. I absolutely loved the beach theme and how Katie Grinnel transformed Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El in Wynewood, PA into this colorful party oasis. This was just the beginning as the Sally Mitlas and her band, and Empower Event Group Dj's brought the dance energy until the last possible minute. The whole family danced hard the entire night away, but I have to say that Ella and her dad were the real dance machines, barely ever leaving the dance floor. What a fantastic party with everyone having the best time! Enjoy the photos below and if you look closely, you might actually hear the party come alive!  Mazel tov, Ella!

Reception: Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El in Wynnewood, PA 

Band: Sally Mitlas @

DJ: MC Ethan Mazer with Empower Event Groups @

Event Planning: Katie Grinnell @

Party Design by: Hila Shiff @


01_Ella H_Blog01_Ella H_Blog 02_Ella H_Blog02_Ella H_Blog 03_Ella H_Blog03_Ella H_Blog 04_Ella H_Blog04_Ella H_Blog 05_Ella H_Blog05_Ella H_Blog 06_Ella H_Blog06_Ella H_Blog 07_Ella H_Blog07_Ella H_Blog 08_Ella H_Blog08_Ella H_Blog 09_Ella H_Blog09_Ella H_Blog 10_Ella H_Blog10_Ella H_Blog 11_Ella H_Blog11_Ella H_Blog 12_Ella H_Blog12_Ella H_Blog 13_Ella H_Blog13_Ella H_Blog 14_Ella H_Blog14_Ella H_Blog 15_Ella H_Blog15_Ella H_Blog 16_Ella H_Blog16_Ella H_Blog 17_Ella H_Blog17_Ella H_Blog 18_Ella H_Blog18_Ella H_Blog 19_Ella H_Blog19_Ella H_Blog 20_Ella H_Blog20_Ella H_Blog 21_Ella H_Blog21_Ella H_Blog 22_Ella H_Blog22_Ella H_Blog
23_Ella H_Blog23_Ella H_Blog

24_Ella H_Blog24_Ella H_Blog
29_Ella H_Blog29_Ella H_Blog
25_Ella H_Blog25_Ella H_Blog 26_Ella H_Blog26_Ella H_Blog 28_Ella H_Blog28_Ella H_Blog 30_Ella H_Blog30_Ella H_Blog 31_Ella H_Blog31_Ella H_Blog 32_Ella H_Blog32_Ella H_Blog 33_Ella H_Blog33_Ella H_Blog 34_Ella H_Blog34_Ella H_Blog 35_Ella H_Blog35_Ella H_Blog 36_Ella H_Blog36_Ella H_Blog 37_Ella H_Blog37_Ella H_Blog 38_Ella H_Blog38_Ella H_Blog 39_Ella H_Blog39_Ella H_Blog 40_Ella H_Blog40_Ella H_Blog 41_Ella H_Blog41_Ella H_Blog 42_Ella H_Blog42_Ella H_Blog 43_Ella H_Blog43_Ella H_Blog

[email protected] (BGMemories) 13 2019 Celebration Dance events Family jewish Main Line Mazel mitzvah Philadelphia Temple Beth Hillel Beth El Torah Wynnewood Tue, 05 Nov 2019 16:52:59 GMT
Matthew's Bar-Mitzvah It is very hard to decide if it's a huge honor, intimidating or both when a photographer, who's work you think is amazing, hires you to photograph her son's Bar-Mitzvah. Alison ( check it out, she's awesome!!) decided that I should be the one to photograph her family's first Mitzvah! It's so hard to be in front of the camera when you're so used to being behind it but this was not the case. We had three amazing photo-shoots, one at the Synagogue, one at the ball park all dressed up and the final one at the party during an actual Phillies game. I've photographed at Citizen Bank Park before but this one was special. They gave us almost free reign of the park and Matt was up for it. I could've spent an entire day there but, unfortunately, we only had 1hr! We ran through that park doing so much in such a short amount of time. Matthew and family were true troopers, and the photos are a good reflection of it. I've been doing this long enough that I don't have many "firsts" anymore, but photographing a Bar-Mitzvah during the an actual Phillies game was a first. It was an amazing event and even had a few surprise guests stop by. Check out Matthew's Bar-Mitzvah photos and try not to be jealous you weren't invited :D  


DSC_8029DSC_8029 BG2_3956BG2_3956 BG2_4066BG2_4066 BG2_4101BG2_4101 DSC_8225DSC_8225 BG2_3871BG2_3871
BG2_3892BG2_3892 BG2_3926BG2_3926

((check out the score board for this photo!) BG2_4248BG2_4248 BG2_4269BG2_4269 BG2_4282BG2_4282 BG2_4294BG2_4294 DSC_8341DSC_8341 BG2_4317BG2_4317 BG2_4328BG2_4328 BG2_4338BG2_4338 DSC_8406DSC_8406 BG2_4394BG2_4394 DSC_8445DSC_8445 DSC_8468DSC_8468 BG2_4400BG2_4400 BG2_4454BG2_4454 DSC_8505DSC_8505 DSC_8514DSC_8514 DSC_8577_1DSC_8577_1 DSC_8617DSC_8617 DSC_8638DSC_8638 DSC_8662DSC_8662 DSC_8692DSC_8692 DSC_8711DSC_8711 BG2_4473BG2_4473 BG2_4483BG2_4483 BG2_4510BG2_4510 BG2_4588BG2_4588 BG2_4600BG2_4600 BG2_4634BG2_4634 BG2_4652BG2_4652 BG2_4760BG2_4760 BG2_4773BG2_4773 BG2_4780BG2_4780 BG2_4827BG2_4827 BG2_4840BG2_4840 DSC_8824DSC_8824 DSC_8852DSC_8852 BG2_4928BG2_4928 BG2_4933BG2_4933 BG2_4950BG2_4950 BG2_5015BG2_5015 BG2_5125BG2_5125 BG2_5255BG2_5255 BG2_5284BG2_5284 BG2_5355BG2_5355 BG2_5378BG2_5378 BG2_5409BG2_5409 BG2_5528BG2_5528



[email protected] (BGMemories) 2019 birthday CBP Citizen Bank Park events family jewish Main Line Main Line Reform Temple mitzvah Philadelphia Phillies South Philadelphia torah Tue, 22 Oct 2019 03:14:02 GMT
Melanie's Bat-Mitzvah It's always a little bittersweet when I photograph the last child of a family I think the world of. I got to know this family when Seth was in my class and then when his parents hired me to photography his Bar-Mitzvah. Jump to 3 years later, Seth is about 8 feet taller (or 3 but still,it's a lot! ha!) and Melanie has matured into this amazing young adult. Getting to spend time with this family again is why I do what I do.

The theme, this time, was HGTV. I was so impressed at how hard Michelle (mom) worked to create this very unique theme. The center pieces were hand made planter boxes, with blue-prints for homes as the table covers. The best part was the string lights overhead to make this DIY mitzvah come together so well.

The party did not stop from the moment everyone entered the room until the last song. It was a fantastic night with an amazing family. I hope that the photos below capture a little bit of this special day!
BG2_1783BG2_1783 BG2_1824BG2_1824 BG2_1868BG2_1868 BG2_1878BG2_1878 DSC_6872DSC_6872 BG2_1973BG2_1973 DSC_7059DSC_7059 DSC_7089DSC_7089 BG2_2057BG2_2057 BG2_2145BG2_2145 BG2_2154BG2_2154 BG2_2182BG2_2182 BG2_2190BG2_2190 BG2_2209BG2_2209 DSC_7110DSC_7110 DSC_7147DSC_7147 DSC_7184DSC_7184 DSC_7213DSC_7213 DSC_7232DSC_7232 DSC_7255DSC_7255 BG2_2224BG2_2224 DSC_7341DSC_7341 DSC_7356DSC_7356 DSC_7396DSC_7396 DSC_7561DSC_7561 BG2_2391BG2_2391 BG2_2423BG2_2423 BG2_2439BG2_2439 BG2_2455BG2_2455 BG2_2458BG2_2458 BG2_2535BG2_2535 BG2_2650BG2_2650 BG2_2759BG2_2759 DSC_7704DSC_7704
BG2_2775BG2_2775 BG2_2782BG2_2782 BG2_2799BG2_2799 BG2_2916BG2_2916 BG2_2952BG2_2952 BG2_2968BG2_2968 DSC_7840DSC_7840 BG2_3019BG2_3019 BG2_3065BG2_3065 BG2_3097BG2_3097 BG2_3165BG2_3165 BG2_3236BG2_3236 BG2_3243BG2_3243 BG2_3254BG2_3254 BG2_3348BG2_3348 BG2_3360BG2_3360 BG2_3393BG2_3393 BG2_3404BG2_3404 BG2_3442BG2_3442 BG2_3464BG2_3464 BG2_3520BG2_3520 BG2_3599BG2_3599 BG2_3663BG2_3663 BG2_3825BG2_3825

[email protected] (BGMemories) 2019 Bala Bat-Mitzvah Cynwyd Events Family jewish Main Line Mazel mitzvah MLRT Philadelphia sparkle sneakers Torah Mon, 14 Oct 2019 01:28:39 GMT
Ethan & Emily's B'Nai Mitzvah I'm at the point in my career where my friends from grade school, are having kids reach their Bar/Bat-Mitzvahs. It is always a huge honor when they choose me to photograph this momentous occasion. It's so amazing to meet the children of the people I knew at the same age! I love getting to know these amazing kids from parents that I think the world of. This time it was Jared and Jen. Jared was one year a head of me in High School but I was lucky enough to call him my friend. Now, roughly 15 (*cough*).... years later, I get to photograph their kids B'Nai Mitzvah. These kids are awesome, as you are going to see in the photos below. Thank you for taking the time to share in this families simcha. 

Photos by: Brad Gellman & Bonnie Wireback

Locations: Tiferet Bet Israel Synagogue in Blue Bell, PA

Event Plan and Design by: Hila Shiff

Music/DJ: Josh Smilk with EBE Events & Entertainment


036_BG2_1721036_BG2_1721 004_BG2_0926004_BG2_0926 005_DSC_6454005_DSC_6454 006_BG2_0998006_BG2_0998 007_BG2_1026007_BG2_1026   009_BG2_1186009_BG2_1186 DSC_6568DSC_6568
012_BG2_1236012_BG2_1236 017_BG2_1475017_BG2_1475 019_BG2_1521019_BG2_1521 020_BG2_1530020_BG2_1530 021_BG2_1556021_BG2_1556 023_DSC_6675023_DSC_6675 025_DSC_6687025_DSC_6687 027_DSC_6778027_DSC_6778 028_BG2_1668028_BG2_1668 031_BG2_1619031_BG2_1619 032_DSC_6712032_DSC_6712 034_BG2_1727034_BG2_1727 035_BG2_1770035_BG2_1770 037_BWP_1694037_BWP_1694 039_BWP_1715039_BWP_1715 041_G00A2938041_G00A2938 042_G00A2971042_G00A2971 043_G00A3031043_G00A3031 045_BWP_1882045_BWP_1882 049_G00A3087049_G00A3087 053_BWP_2075053_BWP_2075 056_BWP_2098056_BWP_2098 061_BWP_2616061_BWP_2616 062_BWP_2647062_BWP_2647 063_BWP_2659063_BWP_2659 065_BWP_2669065_BWP_2669 072_G00A3282072_G00A3282 073_BWP_2797073_BWP_2797 074_G00A3288074_G00A3288 075_BWP_2809075_BWP_2809 076_G00A3384076_G00A3384 078_G00A3408078_G00A3408 080_BWP_2821080_BWP_2821 084_BWP_2881084_BWP_2881 085_BWP_2888085_BWP_2888 087_BWP_2909087_BWP_2909 088_BWP_2917088_BWP_2917 091_G00A3466091_G00A3466 093_G00A3506093_G00A3506 094_BWP_2990094_BWP_2990 095_BWP_3011095_BWP_3011 096_BWP_3030096_BWP_3030 097_G00A3580097_G00A3580 109_BWP_3847109_BWP_3847 111_BWP_4216111_BWP_4216 112_G00A3176112_G00A3176 115_BWP_4431115_BWP_4431 116_BWP_4440116_BWP_4440 117_G00A3794117_G00A3794 118_G00A3902118_G00A3902 119_G00A4682119_G00A4682 120_G00A3896120_G00A3896

[email protected] (BGMemories) 2019 Bell Blue B'Nai-Mitzvah Events Family jewish light-up Sneakers Mazel mitzvah Philadelphia TBI Torah Twins Thu, 26 Sep 2019 04:17:28 GMT
Rachel and Darren's Wedding It's truly an honor when someone who you have known and consider a friend for such a long time asks you to capture her wedding day. Rachel and I met many years ago at a young professionals event and have stayed friends ever since. She is a smart, funny, warm person - the moment I met Darren, I knew she had found her perfect match! From the engagement session at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens to the wedding at the DuPont Club in Wilmington DE, Rachel and Darren appear to have known each forever. Check out this awesome couple's photos to see the love!  

0024_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep0024_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep
0001_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep0001_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep 0009_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep0009_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep 1322_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Details1322_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Details 0053_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep0053_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep

0016_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep0016_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep 0041_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep0041_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep
1329_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Details1329_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Details 0116_Rachel-Darren Wedding_First Look0116_Rachel-Darren Wedding_First Look

0090_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep0090_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep
0064_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep0064_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep 0113_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep0113_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Prep 0157_Rachel-Darren Wedding_First Look0157_Rachel-Darren Wedding_First Look
0250_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits0250_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits 0304_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits0304_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits 0137_Rachel-Darren Wedding_First Look0137_Rachel-Darren Wedding_First Look
0350_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits0350_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits 0359_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits0359_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits 0372_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits0372_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits 0381_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits0381_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits 0393_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits0393_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits 023_0395_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits023_0395_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits
0409_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits0409_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits 0443_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits0443_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits 0473_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits0473_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits 0521_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits0521_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits 0243_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits0243_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits
1353_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Details1353_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Details
0622_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Ceremony0622_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Ceremony 0633_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Ceremony0633_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Ceremony 0645_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Ceremony0645_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Ceremony 0695_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Ceremony0695_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Ceremony 1409_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Details1409_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Details
0733_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Ceremony0733_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Ceremony 0740_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Ceremony0740_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Ceremony 0753_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Ceremony0753_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Ceremony 068_1392_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Details068_1392_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Details

060_0842_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception060_0842_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception 0864_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception0864_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception

0852_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception0852_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception 0871_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception0871_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception 0899_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception0899_Rachel-Darren Wedding_ReceptionWWW.BGMEMORIES.COM 0913_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception0913_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception 1060_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception1060_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception
0986_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception0986_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception 0992_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception0992_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception 1020_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception1020_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception 1028_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception1028_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception 1404_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Details1404_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Details
1101_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Reception1101_Rachel-Darren Wedding_ReceptionWWW.BGMEMORIES.COM
0524_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits0524_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits 0533_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits0533_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits 0552_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits0552_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits
0537_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits0537_Rachel-Darren Wedding_Bridal Portraits

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Addie's Bat-Mitzvah Photos Sometimes a Bat-Mitzvah comes along and it reminds you how special these events are! I always consider myself very lucky to work with families during this huge milestone in their lives, but when a person like Addison (Addie for short) comes along, her energy is infectious. We had three separate photo sessions with her. The first one was around Center City Philly, the second was at the Synagogue, and the third was before the party at Material Culture. Addie's energy and smile grew at each location. To say we took a lot of photos is an understatement. She and her whole family were so much fun to work with, and we wish her a huge Mazel Tov on her Bat-Mitzvah. Enough of me going on, I'm going to let the photos of Addie and her family tell the rest of the story. Enjoy!  



001_Addy Blog_BG2_7387001_Addy Blog_BG2_7387 002_Addy Blog_BG2_7516002_Addy Blog_BG2_7516 005_Addy Blog_BG2_7412005_Addy Blog_BG2_7412 006_Addy Blog_DSC_4607006_Addy Blog_DSC_4607 007_Addy Blog_DSC_4641007_Addy Blog_DSC_4641 008_Addy Blog_BG2_7498008_Addy Blog_BG2_7498 010_Addy Blog_BG2_7533010_Addy Blog_BG2_7533 011_Addy Blog_DSC_4676011_Addy Blog_DSC_4676 012_Addy Blog_DSC_4680012_Addy Blog_DSC_4680 013_Addy Blog_DSC_4715013_Addy Blog_DSC_4715 015_Addy Blog_DSC_4817015_Addy Blog_DSC_4817 016_Addy Blog_DSC_4857016_Addy Blog_DSC_4857 017_Addy Blog_DSC_4914017_Addy Blog_DSC_4914 018_Addy Blog_DSC_4949018_Addy Blog_DSC_4949 019_Addy Blog_04_Addison S_Philly Favs019_Addy Blog_04_Addison S_Philly Favs 020_Addy Blog_05_Addison S_Philly Favs020_Addy Blog_05_Addison S_Philly Favs 021_Addy Blog_08_Addison S_Philly Favs021_Addy Blog_08_Addison S_Philly Favs 022_Addy Blog_10_Addison S_Philly Favs022_Addy Blog_10_Addison S_Philly Favs 023_Addy Blog_11_Addison S_Philly Favs023_Addy Blog_11_Addison S_Philly Favs 024_Addy Blog_13_Addison S_Philly Favs024_Addy Blog_13_Addison S_Philly Favs 025_Addy Blog_14_Addison S_Philly Favs025_Addy Blog_14_Addison S_Philly Favs 026_Addy Blog_15_Addison S_Philly Favs026_Addy Blog_15_Addison S_Philly Favs 027_Addy Blog_16_Addison S_Philly Favs027_Addy Blog_16_Addison S_Philly Favs 028_Addy Blog_19_Addison S_Philly Favs028_Addy Blog_19_Addison S_Philly Favs 029_Addy Blog_20_Addison S_Philly Favs029_Addy Blog_20_Addison S_Philly Favs 030_Addy Blog_21_Addison S_Philly Favs030_Addy Blog_21_Addison S_Philly Favs 031_Addy Blog_23_Addison S_Philly Favs031_Addy Blog_23_Addison S_Philly Favs 032_Addy Blog_24_Addison S_Philly Favs032_Addy Blog_24_Addison S_Philly Favs 033_Addy Blog_26_Addison S_Philly Favs033_Addy Blog_26_Addison S_Philly Favs 034_Addy Blog_28_Addison S_Philly Favs034_Addy Blog_28_Addison S_Philly Favs 035_Addy Blog_29_Addison S_Philly Favs035_Addy Blog_29_Addison S_Philly Favs 036_Addy Blog_31_Addison S_Philly Favs036_Addy Blog_31_Addison S_Philly Favs 037_Addy Blog_32_Addison S_Philly Favs037_Addy Blog_32_Addison S_Philly Favs 038_Addy Blog_34_Addison S_Philly Favs038_Addy Blog_34_Addison S_Philly Favs 039_Addy Blog_20181117_BBA_3809_Gellman039_Addy Blog_20181117_BBA_3809_Gellman 040_Addy Blog_20181117_BBA_3873_Gellman040_Addy Blog_20181117_BBA_3873_Gellman 041_Addy Blog_20181117_BBB_6723_Gellman041_Addy Blog_20181117_BBB_6723_Gellman 042_Addy Blog_20181117_BBB_7007_Gellman042_Addy Blog_20181117_BBB_7007_Gellman 043_Addy Blog_20181117_BBB_7102_Gellman043_Addy Blog_20181117_BBB_7102_Gellman 044_Addy Blog_20181117_BBB_7108_Gellman044_Addy Blog_20181117_BBB_7108_Gellman 045_Addy Blog_20181117_BBB_7114_Gellman045_Addy Blog_20181117_BBB_7114_Gellman 046_Addy Blog_20181117_BBB_7244_Gellman046_Addy Blog_20181117_BBB_7244_Gellman 047_Addy Blog_20181117_BBB_7250_Gellman047_Addy Blog_20181117_BBB_7250_Gellman 048_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6278_Gellman048_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6278_Gellman 049_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6348_Gellman049_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6348_Gellman 050_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6373_Gellman050_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6373_Gellman 051_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6420_Gellman051_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6420_Gellman 052_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6430_Gellman052_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6430_Gellman 053_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6476_Gellman053_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6476_Gellman 054_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6485_Gellman054_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6485_Gellman 055_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6526_Gellman055_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6526_Gellman 056_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6671_Gellman056_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6671_Gellman 057_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6679_Gellman057_Addy Blog_addy party favs_20181117_BBB_6679_Gellman

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Jake S Bar-Mitzvah Preview 06_Jake S_Best06_Jake S_Best
02_Jake S_Best02_Jake S_Best 03_Jake S_Best03_Jake S_Best 15_Jake S_Best15_Jake S_Best
17_Jake S_Best17_Jake S_Best 16_Jake S_Best16_Jake S_Best DSC_3386DSC_3386

04_Jake S_Best04_Jake S_Best
12_Jake S_Best12_Jake S_Best
07_Jake S_Best07_Jake S_Best 08_Jake S_Best08_Jake S_Best 09_Jake S_Best09_Jake S_Best 14_Jake S_Best14_Jake S_Best
DSC_3090DSC_3090 11_Jake S_Best11_Jake S_Best 13_Jake S_Best13_Jake S_Best 01_Jake S_Best01_Jake S_Best 05_Jake S_Best05_Jake S_Best

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Alexa B's Bat-Mitzvah Preview 001_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs001_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 002_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs002_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 004_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs004_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 005_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs005_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 016_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs016_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 017_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs017_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 006_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs006_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 007_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs007_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 008_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs008_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 009_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs009_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 010_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs010_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 011_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs011_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 012_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs012_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 013_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs013_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 014_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs014_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 015_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs015_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 018_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs018_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 019_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs019_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 020_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs020_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 021_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs021_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 022_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs022_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs 003_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs003_Alexa B Mitzvah_Favs

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Eagles Superbowl march down Broad st What is there to say...EAGLES WON THE SUPERBOWL. One of the advantages of living so close to Broad St. is that I can just walk outside my house when events like this happen. I had my camera ready all day in prepartion of this win! My friends and I walked from Ritner St all the way up to City Hall (2.5miles) and back! The best part about it was just the joy and elation that I witnessed. Sure there were a few idiots doing idiotic thinks but for the most part, people were just out to high five and celebrate with one another. Philadelphia had to wait way to long to finally get this Trophy and how they did it is a story that no one would believe if it wasn't actually true. I was so lucky to experience it first hand and hopefully (if you weren't there) you'll get to feel some of that too. Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18

Broad St. was packed within 5 minutes after the game ended  Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 you have to include one selfie of you and your friends :D Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 if you don't know why that sign is hilarious...go ask someone living in philly Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 so much for the grease Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18   Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 the police were having a great time cause there was so little for them to do! Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 yes...that is a officer explaining how they greased the polls! Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 nothing is going to stop people for climbing Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 this is one of my favorite photos! Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 The whole city was lit up in Green light! Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 Eagles win the Super Bowl - March Down Broad St. 2-11-18 it was so fun that even the cops were having a good time! If that doesn't tell you how peaceful it was...

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Sadie's Bat-Mitzvah Preview family widefamily wide family bwfamily bw sadie and dadsadie and dad    family midfamily mid sadie bwsadie bw sadiesadie sadie fullsadie full giftsgifts sadie blessingsadie blessing rabbis and sadierabbis and sadieWWW.BGMEMORIES.COM group abovegroup above sadie chairsadie chairWWW.BGMEMORIES.COM mom chairmom chairWWW.BGMEMORIES.COM dad chairdad chairWWW.BGMEMORIES.COM sadie in shuttlesadie in shuttleWWW.BGMEMORIES.COM sadies sweatssadies sweatsWWW.BGMEMORIES.COM all in shuttleall in shuttleWWW.BGMEMORIES.COM

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President Obama's 2009 Inauguration (*reblog) **This is a blog repost from January 2009**

On January 20th, 2009 Barrack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America. This was a historic occasion for so many reasons but mostly because of the potential this change can bring! I was beyond honored to be gifted VIP tickets to this momentous event. As I walked around the crowd that freezing cold morning, it was so amazing to see so many different people from so many different backgrounds and ethnicities! As cold as we all were, no one seemed to be bothered by it. The energy and excitement that went through the crowd was palpable. People from all over the country came to experience this Inauguration first hand. Even though the crowd stretched from the white house to way beyond the Washington Monument, there was not a single person there who didn't seem beyond excited and just happy. I look forward to what the next 4-8 years will bring and who, we as a country, will become. 

Enjoy the photos below and please don't hesitate to leave comments or contact me if you'd like to use these photos!


Obama Inauguration - 000Obama Inauguration - 000 Obama Inauguration - 002Obama Inauguration - 002 Obama Inauguration - 005Obama Inauguration - 005 Obama Inauguration - 009Obama Inauguration - 009 Obama Inauguration - 003Obama Inauguration - 003 Obama Inauguration - 006Obama Inauguration - 006 Obama Inauguration - 007Obama Inauguration - 007 Obama Inauguration - 008Obama Inauguration - 008 Obama Inauguration - 034Obama Inauguration - 034 Obama Inauguration - 041Obama Inauguration - 041 Obama Inauguration - 00Obama Inauguration - 00 Obama Inauguration - 068Obama Inauguration - 068 Obama Inauguration - 094Obama Inauguration - 094 Obama Inauguration - 069Obama Inauguration - 069 Obama Inauguration - 102Obama Inauguration - 102 Obama Inauguration - 103Obama Inauguration - 103 Obama Inauguration - 116Obama Inauguration - 116 Obama Inauguration - 118Obama Inauguration - 118 Obama Inauguration - 124Obama Inauguration - 124 Obama Inauguration - 127Obama Inauguration - 127 Obama Inauguration - 128Obama Inauguration - 128 Obama Inauguration - 150Obama Inauguration - 150 Obama Inauguration - 163Obama Inauguration - 163 Obama Inauguration - 178Obama Inauguration - 178 Obama Inauguration - 183Obama Inauguration - 183 Obama Inauguration - 199Obama Inauguration - 199 Obama Inauguration - 234Obama Inauguration - 234 Obama Inauguration - 241Obama Inauguration - 241 Obama Inauguration - 245Obama Inauguration - 245 Obama Inauguration - 246Obama Inauguration - 246

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Elad & Oren's City Hall Wedding You know you are part of a singular event when the Mayor of Philadelphia ends the ceremony with "With the power FINALLY vested in me, I now pronounce you Husband and Husband" This moment, filled with applause, laughter, and great joy was a capstone to a very special day.

My wife and I met Elad a few years ago at a friend’s party. I had no idea who he was, other than that he was a friend of a friend and from Israel. We soon started running into each other at many charity and political events I was photographing. Little did I know, this most non-pretentious man was actually the Israeli Deputy Consul General of Philadelphia.

One day in mid-November, Elad called to tell me that he was getting married and that his wedding was going to be in the beginning of the new year. Mayor Nutter had graciously volunteered to officiate the wedding, which was to be held at City Hall. He then proceeded to tell me that he had shown my work to his fiancé, Oren, and how both would be honored if I was the one to capture their wedding day. The honor was all mine! We had multiple meetings, dinners and phone calls discussing the details of the big day, but it really just came down to how much they wanted to show the love they had for each other while running around to their favorite Philadelphia landmarks! We scheduled 3 hours for photos before the ceremony and “borrowed” one of his friends to drive us around Philly. The day came, and while it was a cold one, these guys managed to keep each other warm. We had so much fun and no, UNIQLO was not my idea, ha!

The big day finally arrived, and even though Mayor Nutter was running a bit behind, the ceremony was well worth the wait! Mayor Nutter was funny, charming and personable. I was also impressed to see how all the officiants from different congregations worked so well together. The ceremony was just beautiful and it was truly an honor to be the photographer to capture the first gay wedding by a standing mayor in Philadelphia. This event was so special that even the National Museum of American Jewish History asked to display the kippahs that Elad and Oren wore.

Elad and Oren have since finished their assignment in Philadelphia and have moved back to Israel for now, but I know that Philadelphia will always hold a special place in their hearts. Enjoy the photos!




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Nikki and Leighton's Wedding \It was a lovely, bright Saturday when I met up with Nikki and Leighton for their big day. The two, who reside in North Carolina, came to the outskirts of Philadelphia to celebrate their wedding with their friends and family in the area. Continuous excitement lingered around the room as the Bride got ready with her six bridesmaids adorned in teal, and the groom prepared with his troop of groomsmen, each sporting a matching teal tie. The ceremony was held at Wayne United Methodist Church followed by a reception at the Radnor Country Club, where guests danced the night away. Nikki and Leighton's wedding was full of fun, class, and above all non-stop dancing! It was wonderful working with Philly Party Band, who brought the party to life with their set. Both Nikki and Leighton were wonderful people to work with, and I wish them the best of luck with their future. It was clear these two had a great group of family and friends to celebrate with.


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Kim & Eric's Philadelphia Wedding I've had a very hard time deciding what to write about Kim & Eric for a while now. From the moment I had my first conversation with them, I knew this was going to be a crazy fun wedding. Right from the start, I was so impressed that they got me to do photos that I've done so many times but in new and creative way (ummm..jumping shots, ha!). Kim and Eric had such a beautiful wedding but were so down to earth at the same time. Their wedding was filled with so much happiness, love, and excitement that my description does not do it justice. I'm so lucky that I get to spend time with people like Kim, Eric and their family and friends at their most special of days! Enjoy! Also, A big amazing thank you to Makeup by always, an amazing job!

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When Two Cultures Merge to Create One Love I was honored to have been a part of the wedding of Abiodun and Harish in Philadelphia, it was definitely one of the most unique weddings I've ever photographed. 

Abi and Harish met at the Pennsylvania School of the Deaf, and a majority of their bridal party had also met the couple there while attending school. Abi comes from a traditional African family, while Harish was raised in a traditional Indian family. This merging of cultures led to a wedding ceremony filled with distinctive elements, and many traditions I had never seen before. The ceremony was long, including six priests, 3 signers, and several other clergy members. Each guest came up to congratulate the couple, a tradition I had never seen during a wedding ceremony. The ceremony was long, however each moment was filled with excitement, life, and love. 

As a photographer, I prefer not to make the bridal party jump unless the bride and groom want to. This couple was so enthusiastic, jumping seemed like a way to physically explain their excitement. There is nothing more fun than working with a couple who is so excited about their future together, it's bursting at the seems. From the beginning of the day, all the way to the end it was clear that this commitment was thrilling, they were off their feet with joy. 

Throughout the reception, held at the First District Plaza, there were four outfit changes. They began in traditional religious outfits for the ceremony, followed by classic American outfits for the beginning of their reception. An hour into their reception, they changed into traditional Indian attire, and shortly after changed into African attire to close out their reception. This was truly one of the most inspiring weddings I've had the opportunity to photograph. While each wedding is beautiful and unique in its own way, the combination of cultures coming together is always something extra special to witness. It was very apparent that the family and friends of this particular couple were full of love and enthusiasm for Abi and Harish. I wish them as much happiness and love as I saw and shared with them on their special day!

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